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Business Banking Fee Schedule

Stated fees are in addition to regular monthly service fees. The following apply to your account each month or per occurrence. This list is current as of the date of this publication.*

Business Banking Fee Schedule
Account Reconciliation
- Full month (per month)$80.00
- Partial month (per month)$50.00
- Item (per item)$0.10

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Notification of Change

Analysis Fee

$2.00/per occurrence


Bulk Coin (per bag)$5.00
Cash Concentration
- Set-up Fee$50.00
- Per module$20.00
- Each Sub Account$10.00

ACH Services:

- Monthly ACH Maintenance Fee

- Account to Account Transfers

- Basic ACH Origination

- Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

- ACH Payroll/Direct Deposit

- NACHA Rule Book

- Secure Token (initial and/or replacement)



$10.00/per account per month

$10.00/per account per month

$10.00/per account per month

$25.00/per account per month

$20.00/per book per year

$20.00/per token

- Per Month/Per CD$30.00
- Per Month Postage


Check or Deposit Slip Copy

Check Collection (domestic and foreign)

Commercial Analysis (per month per account)

$2.00/per item

$20.00/per item


Courier Deposit Service


Debit Card Replacement

Deposit Correction Fee$5.00
Deposited Item Returned$5.00/item
Dishonored Item Fee$25.00
Dormant Charge (no activity for 12 straight months)$5.00/month
Early Closing Fee (if account is closed within 90 days of opening)$15.00
Internet Banking
- Basic Internet BankingNo Charge
- Bill Pay (per month)$4.50
-Secure Token - Initial & Replacement (ACH or RDC Only)$20.00/each
Money Market Withdrawals >6 per Month$5.00/each
 Money Orders (Available in our Greenville office only) $1.00/each
Night Deposit Bag Purchased$20.00
- Usage $2.00/bag
Non-Sufficient Funds Item $30.00/each
Official Checks $5.00/each
Overdraft Protection Into Deposit Account$5.00/day

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Maintenance Fee


- Equipment Repair

- RDC Reinstallation Fee

Secure Token (initial and replacement)

Contact you local office



Research (per hour)$25.00
Safe Deposit Box Fees:***
- Small $45.00/year
- Medium $65.00/year
- Large $85.00/year
- Lost Key$20.00/per key

- Drilling Box

Savings Transfers >6 per month

Savings Withdrawals > 2 per month

Statement Copy/Account History

Cost ($50.00 minimum)



$5.00/per statement

Statement Reconciliation $25.00/hour
Stop Payment $30.00/item
Sweep (Overnight Investment or Line of Credit) $75.00/month

Tax Lien or Levy

Telephone/Email Transfers (other than 24-Hour Telephone Banking)



Transaction Charges:
- Coin per roll-deposited or purchased$0.08/item
- Currency per strap-deposited or purchased$0.75/item
- Checks Written $0.18/cleared item
Deposit $0.43/per ticket
ACH Debit or Credit $0.10/item
- Deposited Items:
- In-state$0.10/item
- Out-of-State$0.12/item
Wire Transfers:
- Incoming$15.00
- Domestic Outgoing$20.00
- International Outgoing$40.00
Zero Balance Accounts
- Master Account $20.00/month
- Sub-Account $10.00/month

* Please check your account disclosures or with your local office for a current schedule of related fees.
** Based on availability.

Updated 6/1/2013