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All TrustAtlantic Bank checking accounts are offered convenient access to funds via a free* VISA® Check Card (based on eligibility.) This will allow you access to your account through thousands of ATM machines and merchants worldwide.

Interested in more protection for your Visa Card? Verified by Visa adds an extra layer of security to make it harder for someone else to use your Visa card to shop online in the unfortunate event your Visa card or account number is lost or stolen. Each time your Visa credit or debit card is presented to make an online purchase at a participating merchant, know that Verified by Visa is working to make sure it is you that is attempting to make that purchase and not someone else. There is no special software to install. You will continue to shop as usual, and your enrolled Visa card number will be automatically recognized at checkout. For more information, or to enroll in this service please visit Verified by Visa Website

* using an ATM not owned or operated by TrustAtlantic Bank may result in a surcharge by the machine owner. See Personal Fee Schedule for a complete list of other potential charges.

Contact your local branch for current terms and conditions.